sábado, 26 de mayo de 2018

Reading Tasks

Possible Route Map For a Reading Lesson. 

Pre text

introductory questions

Get learners interested in the topic


Skimming Question
Scanning Question
General points

  • Use the information in the text to do something ( Make a timeline, fill out a form, find out what picture is being described.)
  • discuss issues 
  • summarize arguments
  • compare viewpoints.

questions to focus on meaning
Finer points more intensive comprehensive understanding.

Tasks to focus on individual language items
Grammar exercises
Use of dictionaries
work out meaning of words from context.

Post text

Follow-on task
Role play
writing task
Have you ever have an experience like this one?

Ideas for reading tasks

  • Put these illustrations in the correct order
  • Put these cut up paragraphs in the correct order
  • Find  words similar in meaning  in the text
  • give a headline to each part of the text
  • put these sentences back in the text
  • write a reply to a letter
  • Look at the title and the illustrations (but not the text ) predict which of the following list of words you will find in the text-
  • Solve the problem.
  • Discuss or write the missing las paragraph of the text
  • discus interpretations of , reactions to , feelings about the text
  • Make notes under the following headings
  • before you read this text make notes about what you already know about the subject
  • Act out a dialogue